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Post by lhiuvme » Mon Aug 18, 2003 8:43 pm

Hello all...I have been lurking for a few months, and just started posting recently, so I figured I would intro myself. It may be selfish, but this post is mostly to finally order some of my thoughts on life, God, and my newfound atheism. Please continue reading if you are still interested.

I'm a SWM, soon to be a MWM. I am marrying a Czech woman with a Lutheran background, but she is semi-comfortable with atheism due to her experience with Communism. No major problems yet...but how to handle the kids might be a different story.

I am 30, went to school at PSU, moved to NC after graduating with an IE degree. I work for a pretty large electronics mfg. company.

My mother died when I was four, and my father remarried a hellish stepmother (see: Mommy Dearest). My father is a staunch Republican, which surely had some bearing on my current political views, but was not religious. I recall my grandmother asking him if he was an athiest once. He read the entire Bible that winter to prove to her he was not. Last year, when we were both drunk from a family reunion, he finally told me he was the one who pulled the plug on my mom. We never went to church... closet athiest? Maybe, but I somehow doubt it.

I have always doubted a God, being an ultra-logical child. I remember asking Jesus for an ice cream cone one hot day on the way home from school. Praying for one. I was 5 or 6, but I knew how silly praying was. BTW, no ice cream appeared.

I went through college telling people I was "one of the P religions, Prysbeterian (sp?) or Prostestant", then in NC I began calling myself agnostic. Then, my sister had twins, and she asked me to be their godfather. I accepted, then immediately looked to the internet for the requirements of being one. I came across Cliff Walker's site. I spent weeks reading his entire site, and decided then that I was an athiest (weak-type). I chose to go through the Christening, and never had to profess anything to become the twins' godfather, luckily. The II was one of the links on his site. So here I am.

I am currently trying to get through my counselling sessions with the reverend of the Moravian church at which we are getting married next month without a profession of belief. I am really trying to walk that tightrope of "being honest to yourself vs. making your and your wife's life miserable". I am fucking Wallenda right now, if I do say so.

I still have some Republican views (anti-affirmative action, anti-Clinton, tough on crime). But as blindly pro-Bush I was last election, I knew I shouldn't vote for him. I have never voted due to a "lesser-of-two-evils-is-still-not-good" philosophy. I am now opening my eyes to Bush's blatant disregard for the Establishment Clause...I will not vote until a secular Republican is running...

or Al Sharpton (jk).

I used to write poetry, and am eager to get back into it after a long, busy, writers-block-inducing hiatus. Any other published writers out there? Please share some of your work.

I play softball, ultimate, v-ball, and round ball, and enjoy drinking and good alternative rock.

That's me.

thanks for having me,