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Miscellaneous Discussions thread archive for the 2nd quarter, 2001.
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Post by Deleted » Fri Jun 29, 2001 5:36 pm

Yoh, Person: Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you w/ this thought. I think when we were discussing your personal problems here ,,, w/ your Mother? and her inserting her religious um prejudices & practises into your privacy, including reading your stuff; I think you mentioned then that your Mum "has" some sort of progressive ? neurological? affliction? {that this is one of the reasons why you feel obliged to stay there w/ her instead of clearing out for your own sake...??? NOw then it cr0oosses muh mind, that if your Mother is on some longterm MEDICATION to "control" whatever that disease of hers is, her MEDS may be CAUSING her weird [psychotic} ideations & symptoms which nshe's exercising on you/ to your detriment. News, similarly, for example is that of persons receiving medication to control their Parkinsonism {e.g. John Paul 2} have a considerable {Perhaps up to 25%.} risk of evincing psychosis as a side effect of their medication. I saw this happen to a woman I knew who was terminal w/ breast cancer; AND noone caught onto the fact that her weird behaviour, including "religious" nutty ideas may well have been caused by her meds. I think this matter is worth thinking about.Cheers, Abe Hope you yourself are working-out some personal solution for your own difficulties, Girl. [If being called by gender etc specific Nomeni offends you, i retract.]