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Falsifiability and Agnosticism

In this day and age how can anyone believe in any God or gods?
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Falsifiability and Agnosticism

Post by Detached9 » Sun Dec 30, 2001 10:54 am

If something is falsifiable, must one be agnostic in regards to it? For instance, we aren't certain gravity exists, but most reasonably so, it does. Should I have 'faith' in gravity?

This stems from an agnostic who claimed that

"Agnosticism is by far the best stance in regards to the existence of deities. Agnosticism has no faith, while atheism and theism have their own forms of faith".

I consider myself a strong atheist, I used to consider myself a weak atheist (agnostic atheist basically). I doubt the existence of a deity so highly that I believe a disproof isn't even necessary to claim it most likely doesn't exist. I do not know for 100% certainty that one doesn't, so does this make me agnostic?

Yes, I am aware we threw this topic around a lot earlier. Not much was solved, it became more of a debate on semantics and the brain-in-a-jar theory.

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Post by phlebas » Sun Dec 30, 2001 12:06 pm

QoS told me to start moving topics around again, so I'm gonna start with this one :)

Worthwhile topic, but I think it has a better home in Misc. Religious Discussions.