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Gay Porn Strangely Popular In Pakistan, Nigeria

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Post by ApostateAbe » Sun Jun 16, 2013 9:54 pm

ApostateAbe;7482730 wrote: I suspect it is primarily because the Internet is the only safe medium of homosexual expression. A gay man in such an oppressive nation typically has nothing but porn on the Internet. I find it unlikely that the venomous anti-gay people are more likely to be secretly gay. It is an appealing myth.
In a prison society there tends to be Gay sex amongst non-gays. In the Taliban society as sex is repressed, young boys are substituted. They will tend to persecute gays even more. After all a person can hide what he does that he thinks his society is wrong where the act does not have the consent of the other party, or the party is under age. He will however persecute gays even though in most cases their acts will be with the consent of both parties. This opinion so this may be wrong.[/QUOTE]
There is nothing wrong with basing one's opinion on background knowledge or a hunch, but the best guesses are based on established patterns. Needless oppression of any sort typically follows from differences between a majority and a minority, as it is natural and common in any human society to socially isolate or punish those who are different. Oppression seldom follows from disguising a secret commonality with the minority. Do we likewise think that the oppression of atheists is motivated by a secret disbelief in God? Common patterns are more probable than unusual patterns. Therefore, it is unlikely that zealous oppressors of homosexuality are more likely to be homosexual. It seems to be a myth that serves to ridicule the oppressors.

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Post by seyorni » Sun Jun 16, 2013 11:26 pm

People project. We assume others share our moral failings. Proclivities or beliefs we fear in ourselves we seek to prohibit in others.
What a society seems obsessed with regulating hints at what it's obsessed with -- period.