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Secular humanists, beware

Maintain the wall or tear it down?
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Secular humanists, beware

Post by Sauron » Wed Dec 26, 2001 4:12 am

I just finished watching a show on Channel 5 (KING) here in Seattle. It was titled, "Scrooge and Marley".

Basically, it's a fundamentalist re-write of the Dicken's classic, "A Christmas Carol". However, this time it has been updated to modern day. Our "villain", Scrooge, is not mean and miserly. Oh, no. Instead, he's a wealthy businessman who is suing the local town over using public funds to support a nativity (manger) scene on public property. No subtle message there, nosiree.

Using 3rd-rate special effects, Scrooge (played by Dean Jones) is visited by Marley, who warns him of his nonbelieving ways, etc. During the dream/visitation, there is a sequence similar to the courtroom where Scrooge's lawsuit is being heard. But in the dream/visitation sequence, Scrooge is supposed to defend his nonbelief. Dean Jones (as Scrooge) puts up the worst summation of secular / non-christian belief possible. It was a pure cartoon. But what came after that was even worse.

Dr. D. James Kenney, of Coral Ridge ministries, appears as himself, where he makes the outrageous claim that Christianity is responsible for every major social and scientific advance in western history. He claims that it is because of Christian missionaries that many Hindu women are no longer being burned alive, in suttee. And (contrary to the text of the bible and to the history of the United States), he further states that Christianity was actually the "death knell" for slavery. (Mark of Ham, anyone?) The historical and logical problems with both Kennedy's claims are never even addressed. And, finally of course, there is the obligatory scene where Scrooge is threatened not with death, but with premature burial and hell.

Anyhow, Scrooge repents, withdraws his civil lawsuit (what else?) and they all enjoy Christmas dinner, complete with (totally non-alcoholic) punch.

The final jab was Kennedy making a plug for his book.
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So word to the wise: if you believe in separation of church and state, with respect to all religions and special favors to none, then you're in big trouble. :rolleyes:

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Post by trunks2k » Thu Dec 27, 2001 12:18 am

someone else brought this up a few days ago, it's being discussed in the Media and Popculture forum I think.

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Post by Writer@Large » Thu Dec 27, 2001 2:37 pm

It is, in the rather appropriately titled <a href="http://ii-f.ws/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?u ... 7&t=000642" target="_blank">What the heck is the crap I just watched on TV?! </a> It's far more appropriate there, so I'll close this one down.