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Atlantis - have you seen it?

Miscellaneous Discussions thread archive for the 2nd quarter, 2001.
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Atlantis - have you seen it?

Post by Deleted » Fri Jun 29, 2001 8:17 pm

I took my kids today. Yeah - REALLY I did go because of them! Image

So actually it's quite theistic I thought.

But being as the whole thing is a myth...no wonder, eh?

Actually I found it a bit...intense...the war imagery...set in 1914 and their expedition is conducted by people dressed as soldiers, army vehicles...

otoh it was maybe just shades of - star wars backtracked in time...

All in all quite a mix - the person who wrote it...would like to know what they were on... Image

So...crystals were kinda key to everything.

h Image

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