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Please Read Before Starting a New Thread on Prophecy or other overworn topics

Textual and historical discussions of Abrahamic holy books (Bible, Talmud, Qur'an) to challenge and illuminate the stories therein.
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Please Read Before Starting a New Thread on Prophecy or other overworn topics

Post by -Jay- » Tue Apr 08, 2008 11:41 am

Folks -

Prophecy threads pop up here with almost alarming frequency. Given that, many of the common arguments for and against the validity of prophecy are well-documented in existing threads. This post is intended to be a list (admittedly incomplete) of significant recent threads (recent at this point being from early 2007 forward) which dealt with prophecy and prophetic interpretation.

Before initiating a new thread on prophecy, members are requested to review the threads linked below and determine if the arguments they wish to present have been discussed before. At a minimum, these threads can be pointed to for reference. At a maximum, it might be that the arguments a member has have already been addressed, and we can avoid having a heated rehash of old material.

I'll add threads to this list as time permits, and will regroup them if need be. For now, I've started four categories that seem to get a lot of play here. As I add links, I'll change the number in the thread title to reflect the change date of the document, so if I add something on April 12th, the number will change to 04122008.

General Prophecy - does God (or anyone else) really see the future?

[thread=233657]Isn't Bible Prophecy Proof?[/thread]

Messianic Prophecy - does the Hebrew Bible really predict Jesus as the Messiah?

[thread=221733]The Validity of Messianic Prophecy[/thread]

Daniel - 6th or 2nd century BCE? Written for contemporary readers or for the future?

[thread=191763]The Prophecy of Daniel and Its Fulfilment Prove That God Exists[/thread]

Tyre - Was it really destroyed for all time?

[thread=141118]A Simple Invalidation of the Tyre Prophecy[/thread]

Babylon - Destroyed/Rebuilt? Yes, no, maybe so?

[thread=227143]Bible Prophecies fulfilled[/thread]

If anyone would like to submit threads for inclusion on this list, please PM me.



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Post by Toto » Thu Jan 01, 2009 11:45 pm

This policy will be extended to other topics that have become repetitious.

All posts that consist only of a link to the youtube video of Zeitgeist will be removed as spam. For an actual discussion of Zeitgeist, please refer to this thread: Zeitgeist Part I Companion Guide.

We will no longer entertain any new threads on mountainman's claim that Constantine or Eusebius invented Christianity in the fourth century, or that Arius wrote the non-canonical Christian literature, or that the non-canonical literature is parody, until mountainman or others produce some evidence.

Refer to

Has mountainman's theory re Constantine's invention of christianity been falsified? [by the evidence of Dura Europa]

Flaw in mountainman's theory

Did Arius believe that Jesus Existed?

In addition, please search the archives before you post anything relating to Mithras, Horus, or Tom Harpur.

Thanks for your attention to this.