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FAQ suggestion

Posted: Sun Aug 17, 2003 3:12 pm
by fromtheright
Apparently this technology is too much for me so may I suggest adding an FAQ item on how to post a poll. I tried posting a new thread and checked yes to wanting to include a poll but it's not clear, to me anyway, how to add several questions. I would like to do a poll with several yes or no questions.

Posted: Mon Aug 18, 2003 2:13 am
by pescifish
There is only one question available per poll. Each question and it's yes or no answer is considered a separate poll and only one poll per thread. If you wanted several different questions/result pairs, they would have to be in several different threads.

As to adding general "How to" instructions on posting polls in the IIDB FAQ available in the sticky thread in Bugs, Problems and Complaints forum, there is a section for this in the general vB f.a.q. available by clicking the button at the top of the page. Here is a link to the section on posting polls.